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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

CSS and IE6 compatibility issues

Sherweb counts Internet Explorer too among Microsoft's mistakes. However, according to most other analysts it is IE6 which particularly gave users trouble. Some reviewers have termed the browser as the company's worst-ever browser. In May 2006, PCWorld rated IE 6 at no. 8 among the worst tech products of all time.

The browser is often criticsed for being vulnerable to malicious attacks, viruses and malware. According to security experts, IE 6 failed on several compatibility parameters with Web standards. Some reports claim that IE 6's design had a security flaw.

The version was also said to be unstable. IE6 didn't support CSS version 2, which makes it difficult for web developers to ensure compatibility with the browser. Also, many analysts believe that the IE6's domination for nearly six years helped rivals grow.

However, though some reviewers may have trashed IE 6, the browser still continues to lead in marketshare. According to recent reports IE6's market share in July 2009 stood at roughly 27.2%, ahead of IE7's 23% and Firefox 3's 16%.

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